Shop Update: Raw Footage Photos

Whirlwind Weekend!!

So we’ve been up to our eyeballs measuring the new space, shopping for the new space, and hosting impromptu First Friday this past weekend at the new space.

We kept our presence at the new location low-key because there was already an artist, Anne Gregory scheduled to show her collection of new paintings. Her work was lovely. I rather liked the orange-red piece she included.

I do Volume, Not Area
Wow, I can’t tell you how much I suck at perceiving area or distance. When I looked through the window and walked into the space, I swore it was about 800 square feet. Boy, was I wrong!! But that’s okay. When I stand in our home workshop, I realize it’s the same dimensions as our new space, which will be great for placement.

However, our plan is to cut the shop in half and dedicate the front to retail and parties while the back will be for production. Only the very good customers will be allowed to peek back there -I’ve got liability to think about now. Pfsth! Yay me.

Urgency Shopping: Not for Me.
Can I just tell you how much I despise urgency shopping? Seriously not fun in my book. Fortunately, the past 10 years, Andrew and I have done our own virtual store shopping when we’re trekking around the globe. When we shop, we shop product as well as environment. So, our urgency shopping was really a matter of selecting the pieces that match our brand and will help to extend it into the retail environment.

I joke that it’s going to look more like Borgin & Burkes than anything we’ve seen in the modern world. I only know that if ever I had a chance to purchase 2 vanishing cabinets, I would in a New York minute. One for our home shop and one for the public shop. Imagine saving all that time loading and unloading supplies and inventory?!

Sneak Peek Floor
We spent Saturday night huddled in Lowes and Home Depot looking for candidates for our floating wood floor. Since we can’t have anything hinged directly into the floor, we thought laminate would be a gorgeous addition to the retail space.

We love the warehouse feel to this laminate flooring and the deep red pepper for the walls.

TIP for You
If you’re updating a space and want to repaint with your existing wood floors, bring paint chips home with you to match the undertone of the wood. Things to think about:

  1. Is the wood a yellow tone or red tone? If you are hesitant to match your color with your wood tone, chances are the harmony is lacking. When you match the red paint chips (as shown above), you can see how the deep reds complement the wood.
  2. Do you want the paint values to match or to complement? It can get pretty dark in a hurry if you pair two dark color choices that you love. The fact that we had the option of selecting wood and paint in the store was extremely helpful. Fortunately, we don’t fall in love with any combination until we know the final outcome.

These are things to think about when creating a space for yourself.

A Sign of Things to Come
After I signed the lease on Thursday, I went straight to work on our sign. It’s based on the quick and dirty sign I put together for the graphic announcing our good news. Andrew said he liked it very much and suggested that this be our sign. Easy enough for me. Yay me! I found a telescoping swing rod that was meant for curtains late Thursday night at Lowes -I made them reopen a cash register so that I could checkout!! This swing rod will enable the sign to hang perpendicular next to our front door.

It’s really charming if I do say so myself.

Stay tuned for updates!!

Dashing Out the Door to Lowes Again!

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