Lisa’s New Shop Update: Day 2

We were supposed to get started yesterday but for whatever reason, the planets weren’t align for us and brought everything to a halt. It may because of the ominous date 9/11, but we just couldn’t seem to get the bank to do what it was supposed to do or get to the post office to send my a customer’s messenger bag sent to Australia.

At least I got paint. Huzzah! Gorgeous red pepper paint.


When Andrew returned home this evening, we packed taller ladders on the Element and ducked back into the space last night at about 7pm to tape the ceiling off. Fortunately, that went rather quickly. Yay, no drama!!


Yup. Two to be exact. With another trip to Lowes, we bought 2x4s and 2x6s to build 2 workshop tables for the shop. We need them to utilize when we install the floating wood laminate floor this Sunday.

We did the math and realized that building 2 for under $150 was much better than the $300 was a better investment. We knew these were going to be extremely easy to build and easy on the clock. This is the time when you weigh both time and money when it comes to savings.

Savings or investment? That’s always the question.

This was Andrew’s task. I thought for sure that this project was going to take us until 11:30pm. Gah! But I’m up for the challenge because we’re  both really eager for this Blake Street Shop to happen.

Before dusk, I had to mow the back lawn, spray it with bug spray so that we wouldn’t get eaten alive by skeeters and then help Andrew set up for the cutting task. He had all the dimensions layed out in his head and he just had me to help hold planks as we cut with circular saw and miter saw -fully depending on the width of the board.

We found ourselves with too much wood (that’s a good thang) and 30 minutes of quick cutting time. Really? It was that simple? Why couldn’t you have let me in on the plan? Ah, that’s okay. I already have 10,000 ‘must dos’ floating around in my “lady brain.” (read: sarcasm)

While we were in the shop making echoing noises with our new pneumatic roofing nailer (read: new 2 years ago never out the box. Andrew’s been itching to use this thing and he finally got his chance) we paused to hear a knock at our back door.

“Did you order pizza?” I smartly asked well after dinner was said and done. No, Andrew replied as he gingerly walked toward the door. Our friendly neighbor Jim stopped by to ask if we needed anymore lights for our midnight cuttings. Oh, ha! ha! ha!

“Um, no Jim, I think we’ve got it covered.” This is when he began to explain to us that he’s got all kinds of great ladders that turn into scaffolding when needed. Where the hell was he when we needed this kind of help 3 hours ago??? 😀

As it turns out, everything worked out. Our ladders were tall enough to reach the 9′ ceiling (look like 15′ if you ask me, but if you’re smart, you won’t) to tape out. Yay! Things should go seemingly well tomorrow for my painting expedition.

As for the extra storage for under the workbenches, we’ll get some low profile carts on wheels to push under the table for more storage later in the month. That’s where we’ll buy someone else’s product to save us time. 😉


TIP: When you need to cut several boards at the same length, mark your measure on the permanent wood jig that you’ve attached to your miter saw and then affix a grip with thick pads at the mark. The pads will stop your board allowing you to quickly and accurately cut your boards without a second thought.

Andrew always amazes me with his ingenuity –this is why I married him. Okay, not the only reason. He’s a fabulous cook, too! 🙂 He makes impromptu jigs as a third arm to help him in his tasks. This one above is typical of his genius.

When the jig is installed, just pop the board onto the plate of the saw, push it down to the grip with the thick pads and then cut. It’s always great to have an assistant to help out (and make smart suggestions) and my assistance was holding onto this long end while Andrew pulled the saw arm down.

Shew! Now it’s time to kick my feet up and relax.

Thanks for reading!


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