Lisa’s New Shop Update: Day 3

Day 3: Wednesday

All day I thought it was Thursday!! After a successful trip to the bank and the post office, I was able to hit the shop at 9:45 -a good hour before anyone else got there to smell the paint fumes. It’s latex, so it’s not that bad. Eau d’latex keeps pretty much to the back space where we occupy the area and don’t realize it smells like paint until I return to the area.

Thank Buddha!

I was happy that I was able to knock out 2 coats of red on the walls today! Within a six hour period, painting the trim was thee most time consuming part. Ugh. Climbing up and down the ladder every 5 minutes because my wingspan is as wide as a knat, it was a daunting task. But knowing that covering the large areas with a roller would satiate every DIYer’s task, I moved through as quickly as possible with a little Harry Potter music playing on my iPad in the background.

It’s amazing how much that music playing from the iPad fills a space without speakers!!


I’ve got 2 painters tips for you today:

1) Choose Wide Painter’s Tape When taping off areas that shouldn’t get hit with paint, choose the widest width as possible.

TIP: Use the wide blue tape to mask off your areas. When the roller hits it, you don’t have to worry about ceiling issues!

I grabbed the 2″ width off the shelf because it was in my face (yah, I know all about merchandising placement) and because I wasn’t really thinking about tape width consistency in my workshop. Typically, I grab the 1″ but my Genius told me to be content with this one. Okay, then, let’s get it!

I’m glad I did! The extra inch allowed me to be as gregarious with the roller as I wanted to be. Read: I was able to got fast and sloppy without painting the ceiling, too! Woo-hoo! Me so happy that I don’t have to worry about clean up!

2) The Painter’s Key Is Your Friend Alton Brown doesn’t like unitaskers and neither do I! In a pinch, you can you the painter’s key to unscrew that tiny pesky screw that attaches the switchplate to the wall.

Yes, I know, you’re lazy and don’t want to take the plate off to paint under it, but trust me, these small details make all the difference.

See the mess above? Don’t be THAT GUY!

Time to put up my aching feet!

Until the next update,

Your Moment of Zen

Because anthropomorphizing animals is fun and useful. Yes, useful.

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