Lisa’s New Shop Update: Day 4

Today seemed to go a bit slower than yesterday. This was filled with scraping and sanding the muntins (the wood strips between the panes of glass) for a couple of hours and that kind of work goes unnoticed. A thankless task, really, but it’s got to get done.

Much of the doors and windows installed in this arcade are pieces found at Habitat for Humanity. These old piece do add charm and yet, there always seems to be a bit of fix-up that is still needed to protect the integrity of the piece itself.

For instance, on the outside of this grid window, I will be replacing the old glaze in 4 of the top window panes because it appears they could blow out with a small breeze. Ack!

From the inside, I’ve been able to apply a couple of coats of paint to the window grid, door, and 2 large windows off to the left. Yay! It’s getting personality!!

Now that my body is killing me, it’s time to kick my feet up and review the shopping list for IKEA tomorrow! Now, where’s my wine?

Until the next update,

4 thoughts on “Lisa’s New Shop Update: Day 4

  1. Terri Halle says:

    Nothing like being able to cruise IKEA for ideas and inspiration. It’s been almost 20 years since I was in a store, when I lived in Northern VA. The closest one here in FloriDUH is down south, hours away . . .

    Do you know about IKEA Hackers? Some of the ideas are nothing but crap for sure, but there are ones that make you wanna scream for not thinking of it already. Well, honestly those are few and far between, but it’s still pretty interesting to see what some people will do to save a buck while spending hours to make something work better for them. A ‘Creative Goddess’ like YOU should at least find something there – at least look at how people hide their litter boxes using IKEA OR the cat trees!


    • creativegoddess says:

      Hey Terri! Glad you stopped by.

      Yes, I’m very familiar with IKEAHackers. I’ve got a couple of dressers I bought this Summer that are being used as sideboards for our dining room that have been hacked. They’ve been painted bronze and now don red leather handles -very fun. However, I still need to commission someone to create beveled tempered glass for the tops. Once they’re done, I plan to show them off when complete. 😉

      The pieces we bought yesterday will have some hacking to them, but nothing to the extreme that I crafted on my personal sideboards.


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