Lisa’s New Shop Update: Day 5 – IKEA!


It hurt getting up today to make that long haul to Charlotte. Depending on traffic, it can take us 2.5 – 3 hours driving like bats outta hell. It was a beautiful day for a drive. We drove with the sun at our backs and the windows up with the air on because Mythbusters proved that it was much more fuel efficient to drive with the windows up. *sigh* I love the windows down and animating my hand out the window like a dolphin out of water.

We later found ourselves laughing at a car on I-85 driving on the next lane who had a large sign attached to his rear view mirror whipping around above the dash. They obviously had all their windows opened. “I guess he needs to remember who he is.” Andrew sarcastically marked. I looked over and began to giggle. Just then the passenger, an enthusiastic youthful black girl popped her head over the driver’s seat and started fist pumping the air. I could read her lips as she was shouting, “Yah! Obama! Yah!!” She must have seen the Obama/Biden sticker on the back window.

I grinned from ear to ear from her exuberance and mimicked with my fist pumping in the air. It was then I realized that it was probably a bad idea, the spastic white girls crude form of political power gone bad so I immediately stopped and attempted to summone something else that wasn’t so offensive. I gave her the whitest form of agreement that I could –an energetic thumbs up.

Hey! Don’t judge! It was the best I could do. 😉

Making a Statement

Early century statement piece from Revival Antiques.

You probably saw floating online somewhere my gasping at urgency shopping. If one thing hurts my head, its the drama that goes into forming a strategy for family emergencies and last minute showtime. Once the wheels were in motion to find a space for our new shop, we hunkered down to focus on the furnishing details.

Late at night in bed with my iPad, I command the magic oracle that is Craig’s List and state, “I want a round dining table that is dark and good looking.” Poof! I have a beautiful mahogany table (with a leaf) that I scored within 10 minutes for 40 bucks. Damn, I’m good!

We also downloaded the IKEA app on the iPad to continue our search. I must admit, I like their web site so much better than the app. The IKEA app was a bit frustrating at times, so I ditched it.

We were able to create a shopping list and save our items to it. Once we gathered a number of ideas, I created a second list and re-saved the pieces we really wanted.

When we met a few of the folks at Blake Street Studios, Jen recommended Revival Antiques store just off Crapital Blvd. She managed to score 2 gorgeous pieces: a large draftsman flat paper cabinet and what looks like to be an old jewelers cabinet. I may just have her open the kimono so that I can take photos and recreate one for myself –it’s that cool.

Meanwhile, Andrew and I scoured through the Revival warehouse part of the store with open minds. Discovering pieces we thought were interesting and how they might play a part in our vision, we were undaunted with the search. Near the end of our exploration, we found a piece that will become one of the statement pieces to house our tech bags. It’s got great bones: glass doors and shelves, perfect for the lights that we install to shine through.

Glass + Dorks Don’t Mix
Thank Buddha for Delivery. With all of that glass, I took advantage of their delivery service. I don’t want to be responsible for breaking it! It’ll be shipped when we’re finished painting and installing the floating wood floor. Did I mention how much I love delivery?

Crude, But Effective – There’s An App for That!
When we settled back into shopping on the IKEA site, Andrew sat next to me with his laptop and we cussed and discussed the potentials of each casegood we pulled up. As we did, I created a quick and dirty sketch of the new shop and its dimensions. Somehow, I knew this would come in handy… Using the Paper App, developed by the guys at Fiftythree, I was able to create my own sketchbook, apply a cover to it to easily identify it from the others I had created and begin sketching shop ideas.

Andrew claimed he was going to sit down and draw out dimension in Illustrator, properly. That never happened. We all have good intentions, but sometimes, the quick sketch is all you need to convey ideas and keep them on record. This was very crude, but effective.

A few more sketches:

I feel like a 2nd grader trying to draw with this app, but at least it provides ideas for us to refer to when we’re tired. 🙂


A week later, we arrive to the land of Nordic Oz that we know as IKEA, a superstore for folks who have design sensibilities without the cash. A few years ago, I swore we wouldn’t purchase from IKEA again because it looked like it was from… well, IKEA, but that was for the house. As for the shop, we decided that our brand needed to smartly extend to the retail aspect of our strategy and funny thing is, IKEA actually helped actualize our vision. Hmm, imagine that!

For a small taste of things to come, here is a snapshot of one of the etageres we picked up for our small goods. We bought a mate to it that is a low-profile glass door cabinet, too. The best thing is that they both lock!

Pick & Ship
Just.Do.This. We’re buying about 7-8 pieces of unassembled furniture and while it would fit into our Element -maybe- it would be so fracking heavy that we couldn’t drive home. So! IKEA has a delivery service. We could run around the store, pull the pieces and set them on the flat bed cart and then take them to the service counter… But! after our accessory & lighting expedition, Andrew’s back was already killing him. In the end, we opted to give IKEA another 40 bucks to pick the pieces for us and then have them delivered -straight to the shop. I love this!!!

10 Miles Down the Road…
I’m so glad I reviewed this list when Andrew jumped out to pump gas. I knew we were forgetting something. We missed including a sofa table for part of our guitar and camera strap display. “I can turn around… just let me know.” Yup, I think we should. This way we can pick up the boxes and cabinet door fronts we forgot, too. I was coping with the reality that we may have to make another trip in a month or so, but hell, we’re here now, right?

One sofa table, 4 boxes, 2 door fronts, a desk basket set, and 2 fried dinners later, we head home. I’m so happy I’m working my body to the bone this week to burn all that off. Yack!!

Tomorrow: Installing the floor!

Until the next update, you’ll find my aching body propped up on the loveseat with Andrew and a glass of wine,

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