Lisa’s New Shop Update: Day 6 – Floor Install!

Slowly, we dragged our sorry butts out of bed to install the floor at the shop. After Andrew whipped up coffee and eggs for breakfast, we gave the Boyz kisses and walked like zombies to the truck. I think we moaned much like zombies would, too.

Friday Night Fun: Buying wood laminate for the Sunday install.

The next few photos show Andrew laying out the underlayment required for the floating floor.

Andrew begins to fit a few of the boards together to measure up against the jagged wall. Some cutting needs to get done to make this fit well.

Clever jig for the circular saw.

TIP: Use a block of wood to help hammer the seams even.

You can see how Andrew is hammering the seams neatly into place.

A few hours later, we have a gorgeous wood floor!! No nail, studs or anything else. Pure floating experience.

Now, I bet you’re thinking that all I’m doing is standing around and watching my man work his ass off -not true. I’m on the bonbon couch watching Oprah -not! I save some of the front side work for today because I know I won’t be able to work on any of the area while he works. I can, however,  walk back and forth because the flooring is already sealed for immediate use.

I’ll be taking two ibuprofen tonight and will call you in the morning. 😉 Now, where’s my wine?

Until the next update,

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