My Personal Parody About Art Shows

What do you do when everything you’ve done isn’t good enough?

We just exhibited out of state at a small gem of an artshow –at least that’s what the brochure told me.

And I’m sure it is -just not this year.

Everything about this show was near perfect. The organizers bend over backwards for the artists to accommodate them with the greatest amount of empathy possible –I wish all shows ran like this.

We were all perfectly setup inside the 1% arena ready to sell. However, sales were dismal. Saturday I felt like Gonzo on Sesame Street who would go screaming out of the frame because of issues beyond his control.

And yet, Andrew remained upbeat.

I’m passing effusive eyerolls back and forth with neighboring artists who just conduct a dog and pony show with ostensibly interested customers only to have them walk away. When it was my turn, the same thing happened. But we had our schtick down. So did the other artists. We were all engaging and following the damn rules of selling.

It wasn’t us. It wasn’t any of us.

After each engagement, I conduct a personal postmortem and I review the list of techniques to fix anything out of line. But this, this was becoming epidemic. None of us were selling and I felt compelled to get out and talk with them to get a pulse on this personal tragedy turned art show malady.

At the end of Saturday with two tiny sales, Andrew remained the ever upbeat PollyAnna. Naturally, his name is now PollyAndy.

My Personal Parody
Right now, there isn’t much more I can say because of my unparalleled frustrations. Instead, I want to share a comedy video of two young unassuming women who sing about life. This song is about the same woman who is optimistically 29 while her 31 self reflects with anger and frustration.

Watch this two times
The first time for the real message, the second time as me standing alone in my booth waiting for customers. If you’re an artist doing art shows and running a small business, you’ll understand completely.

Rated R for Ridiculously Funny. Andrew is 29 and I’m 31.

Channelling 31 was the only way I could keep my wits and humor. Each time a customer came by and I conducted the dog and pony show, they’d leave without buying. I’d turn to Andrew in a whisper scream, “Ohhhh! There’s nobody left!!!!” and he’d just crack up.

Getting to know my hilarious booth neighbors was extremely helpful in this sweeping economic drought. Stop by their sites and say hello. Tell them Lisa with Naughty Leather Shop said hello!

Now, I’m going to move on and enjoy my week getting ready for an event I can control: My New Shop Grand Opening

Have a peaceful week and keep your wits and humor!

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