My New Year, My New Platform

Wow! Have I’ve been slammed with work these past 4 months! Up to my friggen eyeballs!

The shop is now my life. Okay, only mostly.


I now feel like I’m three times busier than I ever have in my life -and it ain’t slow’n down. Sheesh!

I miss my blogging.

Opening the shop is the best decision I made in 2012 and hope to make more like-minded decisions this year. Raleigh is finally ready for us and I’m ready to have a shingle to call my own. Granted, click and mortar has its freedom but it goes without routine –and this creativegoddess needs some amount of routine! Sure, the economy has sucked the big one the past 5 years. Don’t know about you, but it kicked the crap out of me. I’ve also been depressed due to the lack of enthusiasm in my work and Bacchus passing onto college.

Yes, I still miss that silly ass cat.

So, I’m grateful that I now have my shop that allows me to create (and easily sell) without wondering if my piece will find a new home. My little shop (sans horror) now serves an incubator for my work to get immediate feedback and guides my direction(s). Hey! Just because I have a shingle doesn’t mean a girl can’t play outside her focus zone! 😉 Eventually, all of my pieces sell and it still amazes me that people like my work. It’s also a blast talking with customers and having them suggest adjuncts for existing pieces.

I really enjoy collaborating with customers.

Scenes from a Shop Owner

It sounds like I’ve just started my business, doesn’t it? I guess in a manner, I have. It’s a new adventure that may or may not last forever. The shop is an opportunity for me to explore my dreams and give them credence. The continuing success of my shop is a sweet reality of public acceptance.

Hot damn! We have arrived!

Having a shop is not for everyone. Some artists exhibit at dozens of shows to get the gratification they need, but that wasn’t working for me. I dragged my feet for years resisting the compulsion to participate in Mother Nature’s merciless thunderdome coupled with greedy show directors and unsympathetic committees. I will continue to explore art shows on my terms knowing that I can promote my work continuously in a public arena.

I really love this new platform!


We were so wrapped up in setting up shop last fall that I forgot to look into additional shows this year. Psfth! The only one I have set up is ACC in Baltimore  at the end of this month and may return to Armonk Outdoor ArtShow in the Fall. Piedmont Fair will always be my annual Thanksgiving show.

Honestly, if the folks at Piedmont Craftsmen hadn’t given us the opportunity to become part of the guild, we wouldn’t have the confidence to open the shop in Raleigh.

Thank you Jane, Deb, Chris, & Nicole!

Bit of Fun
I’m building a Steampunk Inspired Board on Pinterest. If you’re interested, here it is:

I know this post is a bit dry (sorry!) and promise to add more zeal to the next -that I already have planned!

Thanks for sticking with me this far.

Your CREATIVEGoddess,

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