Rebel Law: Make Your Own Building

Exploring ideas in tiny and mobile dwellings.

After building our TARDIS shed last Summer, I think we have the makings of constructing (or have pre-built) our own mobile shop.

After reading this article on Gizmodo: The Subtle Art of Breaking Building Laws I felt free of zoning constraints.

Your Personal Indoor/Outdoor Space
Take a look at a couple of these gems. Wouldn’t this be great for an artist studio that communes with nature and provides ventilation? So charming!


Or this adorable New Zealand home that allows one to hitch to a truck and haul away (per erosion issue law)…


Then I found a link to TumbleWeed, Tiny House Company. Cue angelic music from above. From pre-built gems to DIY plans, these guys provide the range of motion that any progressive would enjoy.

Then, I found this exquisite little guy: the Mica. At 172 sqft, we could convert this mobile gypsy wagon into a mobile shop to sell our wares. How cool would that be?

Instead of paying a landlord the same $$ that I’d be paying monthly installments for a mobile unit, the unit would be mine. I could also sell the unit instead of not signing the lease. Wow. The options.

Additionally, I dug a little deeper in their site and discovered that Tumbleweed has workshops around the states, including Raleigh in March 2014.

Anyhow, I’ll keep this idea on the back burner. I love the idea, but I’m not sure how cities would go for this type of installment -mobile as it is.

AmTrak: A Mobile Shopping Experience
Many years ago, I had an idea of servicing AmTrak as a mobile shopping experience. Like a circus, artists & shopkeeps would rent a boxcar and the train would take the shops from city to city to expose city dwellers to handcrafted product. If they can’t come to us, why don’t we go to them? Like Cirque du Soleil except without the flame eaters.

It would certainly be fun to hitch or create a convoy of this Mica trailers and create our own event.

Cheers! Lisa

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