Mercury in Retrograde

I know you’ve heard the phrase, “Mercury is in retrograde -again,” yes?

Well, I didn’t know that damn event could be weeks at a time –a whole month! So as we close February, the last day of retrograde is today. Thank Goddess.

I’m not one who takes stock in astrology. It was always fun to check my daily activities in the newspaper one day later. Also, if ever I thought that Chinese Zodiac animal had any good influence in one’s life, I will attest that it doesn’t. Last year was year of the Snake (I am year of the snake) and it was horrific. Once the year turned, it was as though a weight lifted and opportunities began to reveal themselves ten-fold.

However, I do believe in power of the planets. 🙂 If the moon can persuade the tides, what more can we look forward to?

Back to Mercurial Mercury
So, I just looked up the calendar on the Farmer’s Almanac and they give a pretty clear explanation of this trickster’s exploits. Recognized as a trickster and prone to misbehavior, his cunning will form an illusion amongst the planets -making them seem as though they’re moving backward through the zodiac. Hence: retrograde.

For the skeptics among us, Larry Schwimmer writes in the HuffPo today about the Top Ten Things NOT To Do During Mercury Retrograde. Knowing that Mercury rules technology and communication, you’ll want to do your best to create a strategy to circumvent any agreements or purchases during these dicey weeks.

Other warnings Larry cites are:

  • Don’t make agreements
  • Don’t accept or start a job
  • Don’t try to close the sale
  • Don’t try to initiate a project
  • Don’t travel a lot (I’m looking at you Amy)
  • Don’t buy things
  • Don’t purchase a computer
  • Don’t install software
  • Don’t purchase a vehicle (Amy?)
  • Don’t repair your auto, and
  • Don’t select a roomie

Larry’s characterizations of each warning sound painful! Unfortunately, my friend Amy decided not to read the list, or she’d know that her vehicle would become unruly and problematic when she turned the wheel to pass a semi-truck on icy road. I’ll let her tell you that harrowing story. I just know that she wasn’t screaming “Weeeeeeeee” like Maxwell the Geico Pig as she spun 3 times landing in the opposite direction of oncoming traffic.

I’ve had my fair share of misadventures this month, too. Have you?

2014 Retrograde Dates
Oh, and you’ll be delighted to know we’ve got 2 more of these occurrences this year. In 2014, Mercury will be retrograde during:

  • February 6–28
  • June 7–July 2
  • October 4–25

Enjoy your summer!


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