Take Care of Each Other

3 women and a bouncer saved a life last night.

I’m going to post the moral of the story up front:
Please watch your friends backs when you’re out having fun.


My cousin and his wife invited my husband and I out to enjoy a terrific band at the Nectar last night. We were joined by their friends later in the evening.

Sitting in the balcony, I was a tiny bit jealous that I wasn’t down on the dance floor. But then quickly watched that it was becoming a human car wash, I realized how much I don’t really miss that. Content like a cat, I remained seated high looking down at the band and people watching.

Early in the evening, our conversation turned to something a little more serious. We were observing a scenario that could possibly unfold into something more heinous: One older guy buying one young woman several drinks and he watched as she slowly lost her composure.

Above in the balcony, we were watching. I sat in a chair and couldn’t view the unfolding event unless I hung over the railing. So, I asked my husband standing behind me to keep an eagle eye on the guy for me. If the guy swoops in and quietly escorts the girl out thru the crowd, we need to step in.

Several scenarios were playing out in my head.

Quickly, our new friend took the back stairs to intervene and she demanded the guy stop buying the disoriented single girl drinks. While the ‘she’s okay, I’m okay’ discussion took place, my friend insisted that the confused girl was not okay and walked her away from the precarious situation. I decided they both need help and followed them out the front door.

The inebriated young woman was completely incoherent and we struggled to get any information from her regarding who she came with or how she arrived. After 4 drinks, amazingly, she didn’t reek of alcohol; we wondered if the SOB had tossed a mickey in her drink. As we were met with Nectar’s terrific bouncer who came to our aid, we finally managed to get the young woman’s phone from her. As I watched her type in her code just in case she passed out, we found the text messages she was having with her friends that she came to the venue with.

Minutes pass as we’re texting her friend to come collect her now unconscious friend. It took awhile to get her friend to arrive who had slipped away from the venue. And this is where things could have gone awry. Her friend may never have seen the young woman being escorted out with the pervert who was feeding her drinks. She may search frantically for her this morning -or she may not give 2 flips and then a week later check in on her, never to be found.

I ask one thing of everyone: 

When you’re out, watch out for each other. Take responsibility for your friendship.

When you’re out to have a good time, keep tabs on friends who may have quietly slipped away.

I know that we’re all adults and we can take care of ourselves –but only when our friends are watching out for us. We all have vices and can, on occasion, make bad decisions. But it doesn’t have to end with someone getting hurt.

The young woman may be nurturing a screaming headache right now, but to my knowledge, she’s alive and safe in her own home.

As my MIL used to say: Take care of each other.

And to the creep who set up this innocent woman: I’ve got your ugly mug shot in my phone. Not just one, but many from all angles: from above as you watch the girl unhinge and from the dance floor as you glower at me with your menacing stance. I’m sending it to the folks at Nectar and to the police and they’ll be watching you.

You are a predator and you need to stop.

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