Publishing Articles the Paul Harvey Way

You may begin to spot wayward posts that aren’t in chronological order. Partly because I’ve been trying to heal and figure out my next chapter.

I know it’s been over a year and I am compelled to get them published. I thought I might post many of them incomplete -think Paul Harvey, radio broadcaster- and then return to finish them as time permits. So bear with me as I put the finishing touches on them.


A Ship In Port Is Safe, But That’s Not Why Ships Are Made

I wrote this draft back last year, 2015 Christmas Eve to be exact because I reference the Doctor Who Special. Like many drafts, that is where it remained because I didn’t have time to finish it, much less finish a thought as we addressed our priorities each and every hour.

I can’t even explain how ungodly that time was for me. For us.

Are you familiar with the boiled frog theory? That was me over the course of 6 months.


Six months later, I look at this draft and realize that extreme edits are necessary. Bear with me.

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What I learned as an Introvert at an Improv Class

One of Andrew’s meetup findings included a networking event held at New Tech Seattle. It was a one of the better networking events we’ve ever been to. Believe me, after 30 professional years, that’s quite a few events we’ve succumb to.

At the event, they also announced a new Improv Class that was scheduled for the next evening at the same building. Sure! Why not? If it’s anything like Who’s Line Is It Anyway, it should be a blast.

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