About Lisa

Owner/Creative Goddess of ECStewart Designs, Inc. that includes Lisa Stewart Designs, CalligraphyPets®, and INDIECreatives. Married to the greatest guy Andrew; animal advocate, pet lover and staff to 3 fabulous felines.




E-MAIL lisa (at) lisa-stewart (dot) com
PHONE 919/271.0668
Skype eclisastewart
Main Site Lisa Stewart Designs
LinkedIn ecstewart
Facebook FanPage http://www.facebook.com/LisaStewartDesigns
YouTube Channel: Professional LisaStewartDesigns
YouTube Channel: LifeStyle ecstewart
Twitter @eclisastewart

Elizabeth (Lisa) Stewart is an award-winning designer and illustrator with a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts from Western Michigan University. While in school, Ms. Stewart gained experience in a variety of areas and began publishing a line of greeting cards that showcased her illustration skills. This gave her an early taste of the art world and it was out of this experience that the inspiration for ECStewart Collections eventually grew.

Following graduation, Lisa moved first to Chicago and later to the Raleigh-Durham region of North Carolina. Along the way she held a variety of positions including as a display artist, interior designer, accessory buyer, and print/Web designer.

Lisa officially started ECStewart Design Studio in 1998 as a way to formalize her freelance activities. In the Fall of 2001, she took the leap and with her partner/husband, Andrew, opened ECStewart Design and Communications (ECS|DC) as a full-service design and marketing agency that formed the basis of what is today ECStewart Designs, Inc.

In addition to the agency, Lisa has also returned to her first love, illustration, and in the Spring of 2002 introduced the CalligraphyCats. These were followed a year later by the CalligraphyDogs and CalligraphyCats Volume II. By late 2004, Lisa had been recognized as one of the “up-and-coming designers” in the greeting card industry for her work on the CalligraphyPets and had developed a network of retail customers across the United States and Canada.

The CalligraphyPets form the foundation of the ECStewart Collections, an expanded line of pen and ink illustrations that adhere to the artist’s commitment to bringing simple elegance and sophistication to people’s lives through her artwork. Featuring multiple themes beyond just pets and animals, the ECStewart Collections are intended to broaden the appeal of Ms. Stewart’s work to areas outside stationery including housewares, home furnishings, fashion accessories and more.

Lisa finds inspiration in travelling, indulging in her hobbies that include photography, painting, illustration and relaxing at home with Andrew and their three cats.

About the Kanji Stamp
The Japanese Kanji stamp represents the name “Lisa.” Years ago, my good friend Sayuri designed this Kanji character for me because of my curiosity of Japanese identity. Wanting to use this Kanji character in a creative way, it made sense to apply it upon creating the CalligraphyCats. Now, I make sure that every art piece created by me has the character attached somewhere.

P.S. No two Kanjis are the same; I think of it like DNA. If you’re name is Lisa, be sure to consult with someone from the Japanese culture to ensure the best suitable Kanji for you. I garantee that your Kanji will be different and just as beautiful.

Thanks for reading!

Lisa, CreativeGoddess

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