A Ship In Port Is Safe, But That’s Not Why Ships Are Made

I wrote this draft back last year, 2015 Christmas Eve to be exact because I reference the Doctor Who Special. Like many drafts, that is where it remained because I didn’t have time to finish it, much less finish a thought as we addressed our priorities each and every hour.

I can’t even explain how ungodly that time was for me. For us.

Are you familiar with the boiled frog theory? That was me over the course of 6 months.


Six months later, I look at this draft and realize that extreme edits are necessary. Bear with me.

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What I learned as an Introvert at an Improv Class

One of Andrew’s meetup findings included a networking event held at New Tech Seattle. It was a one of the better networking events we’ve ever been to. Believe me, after 30 professional years, that’s quite a few events we’ve succumb to.

At the event, they also announced a new Improv Class that was scheduled for the next evening at the same building. Sure! Why not? If it’s anything like Who’s Line Is It Anyway, it should be a blast.

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Mint Chai Green Tea

Because we haven’t found a studio space yet to make our leathergoods and other fine gifts, I am forced to use only what I have to create -and this means turning to my iPhone to play with filters.

Many years ago on my first date with Andrew, I decided to break out of my mocha rut and try chai. It was okay as the flavor fell a bit flat for me. I wanted to go back for the mocha, but I didn’t want to be ‘that girl.’ So, I endured the chai but relished in the company more.
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Moving to the PNW – Finally!

As I cogitate on a post I have in draft now published about the Hell we experienced last Fall (that continued for 9 long months), I hesitate on how -or when-  I would revive my personal blog.  For now, I’ll jump ahead in my timeline and bring you to my present day: Living in Seattle.

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Take Care of Each Other

3 women and a bouncer saved a life last night.

I’m going to post the moral of the story up front:
Please watch your friends backs when you’re out having fun.


My cousin and his wife invited my husband and I out to enjoy a terrific band at the Nectar last night. We were joined by their friends later in the evening.

Sitting in the balcony, I was a tiny bit jealous that I wasn’t down on the dance floor. But then quickly watched that it was becoming a human car wash, I realized how much I don’t really miss that. Content like a cat, I remained seated high looking down at the band and people watching.

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