Mint Chai Green Tea

Because we haven’t found a studio space yet to make our leathergoods and other fine gifts, I am forced to use only what I have to create -and this means turning to my iPhone to play with filters.

Many years ago on my first date with Andrew, I decided to break out of my mocha rut and try chai. It was okay as the flavor fell a bit flat for me. I wanted to go back for the mocha, but I didn’t want to be ‘that girl.’ So, I endured the chai but relished in the company more.
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Moving to the PNW – Finally!

As I cogitate on a post I have in draft now published about the Hell we experienced last Fall (that continued for 9 long months), I hesitate on how -or when-  I would revive my personal blog.  For now, I’ll jump ahead in my timeline and bring you to my present day: Living in Seattle.

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HDR Experiment: Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh

I really love HDR and have been wanting to play with some of my photographs. To my misfortune, HDR works best when you’re on site bracketing your images. However, I found a way to craft a faux HDR image with one of my favorite shots from our honeymoon in Edinburgh, Scotland.

What do you think?


Cats on Ladders

While I was going through Flickr to find their icon, I found this on their blog: Cats on Ladders.

By Neva in 2010

I remember as a kid, I had positioned a ladder outside my window (no, I didn’t plan on escaping -we lived in Podunk MI, where the hell was I going?) because we were working on the chimney. I happened to spy one of our pussycats wandering around the base of the ladder trying to figure it out -so I encouraged him to climb up.

In hindsight, that was probably a bad idea.
Climbing the kitty ladder.
By steev_bee

When you’re looking for a new angle -specially for composition- you never know when inspiration will strike. Take this link Cats on Ladders to see the Flickr Gallery curated by tropicalart77 for your personal muse.


Creative Photography with Your iPhone

I’m a sucker for new photography tricks and with the ubiquitous iPhone, I’ll have several opportunities. Now that Spring is upon us, this might be a good time to get out and make those beautiful cherry tree blooms a permanent collection in your updated personal gallery.

Can you guess what the trick is? A loupe!!

Read the entire tutorial on Instructables.


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Snowy Compositions

Eating questionable turkey bacon that originally smelled of dirty socks, we sat in the uncannily bright house chilled by the remnants of old man Winter.


Ugh. I dread snow when I’m not planning for it. My friends update their Facebooks pages with, “Yay! Another snow day!” My response? “Ew.”

Seriously. I grew up in the North, in the middle of the mitten where I’ve learned to replicate the hallow sound of the wind that whirled itself around the corner of the house like an icy leather whip with my mouth. That howl of isolation. Alone.  Cold.

“Snow is for postcards,” I hear myself grumble like an old croon. To my good fortune, we didn’t get much. Although, the layer of snow + sleet + snow is a trifecta from hell for the roads that hide from Sunday’s sunlight.

As I heat the kettle for more hot water, I spy a beautiful shadow being cast across the sheath of snow. Revealed is the candelabra that hangs from the low Maple branch conveniently positioned across our table. Truth be told, I move the table to meet the tree branch to center the candelabra and that’s as far as I allow my environmental designer skills to actualize, otherwise I’d be out on the deck creating fanciful outdoor living space all day. I’ve decided I don’t have time for that as I prioritize my business before my home. Pathetic.

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