On occasion, I hold contests or voting on special projects I’m working on. Stay tuned or take the link to learn about the current contest.

Testimony Love
LinkLoveIf you’ve written a blog post about Lisa and her artwork, let us know! We’ll gladly add you to our Blog Testimony column and feature a link to your site.

When I can find the time, I will be inspired to create special projects like wallpapers for your computer and mobile devices for your personal enjoyment. Not for resale.

We think podcasts are going to be a great way to augment our online lifestyle -we hope you will, too. The inaugural podcast will be uploaded shortly -so stay tuned!

Shameless Self-Promo
From our own wedding cakes, invitations, and client work, we’ll do our best to bring you creative solutions to some of the most daunting challenges.

Recipes… Why Not?
Sometimes, we find ourselves saddled with some of the most awesome recipes we’ve cultivated from family, friends, and LCBO mags from Canada. Cottage fare and family secrets revealed here.

Production Studio Updates: A Daunting Process of Minor Renovation
Update 1: Playroom turns theater turns catch-all turns official production & studio room. Before we redefine this space yet again, first thing’s first: Gotta remove the glass doors that has Andrew intensely worried -and you’ll see why.

Update 2: Coming Soon!