Vote: Favorite Bull

My personal genius forced me to avoid tax preparation today to sit down and illustrate Wall Street Icon: The Bull.

I couldn’t decide which set of horns I liked best, so I’ll let you choose. I think it may depend on region…

Bull 1

Bull 2

Contest: Vote Early, Vote Often
Beginning today, I’m holding a voting contest to determine the victor in each round. Those of you who vote AND leave a comment, will be awarded a generous discount on the winning print, provided you voted for the winning print. What the hell, I’ll give you a generous discount anyway

Are you aMewsed?
Please be sure you’re a Mewsmember so that I can apply your account.

Contest Ends: April 1st, 2009 (no joke!)

Note: You MUST leave a comment to get included within the generous discount. Our egos are on the line.

Bear 1Vote for the Wall Street Bear.

11 thoughts on “Vote: Favorite Bull

  1. Jenn says:

    I go with #1 because it adds to the dynamic flow, moving your eyes forward into the piece. #2 seems to stall the eyes unlike #1 where they keep moving, so it seems more energetic.

    Nice bovine btw!


  2. Anna N says:

    For some reason bull #2 makes me think of an asian bull…hahah (I’m Vietnamese, btw). But I do like bull #1 because it reminds me of the bull down on Wall St (a la the movie Hitch).


  3. SusanneC says:

    Number one acts as if he is there for you, not cowardly like number two. These days we need faith and a strong Bull Market!!


  4. Karen :) says:

    Lisa, I also like #1 the best – more assertive and somehow more positive. (I think he even works well for a ‘year of the bull’ illustration, not just Wall Street!)


    • creativegoddess says:

      Thanks so much for loving my art work, Robin! Because this bull is tied to licensing opportunities, I cannot part with him. However, I can recreate another one for you for your business.

      Let me know if you would like me to send you more information on how I develop logo/ID systems for small businesses!


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