New Art: Make Art Not Horcruxes

We’re just wild about Harry, aren’t you?!

We had a tremendous amount of fun following the storyline of Harry’s fate for the past 10 years and I am sad to see it come to a close. The first time I was made aware of it was when I met up with a client in Cary, NC to discuss her logo design. We were sitting across the street from the Barnes & Noble on Walnut at a coffee shop. She was giddy because JK Rowling was arriving at Midnight to sign books.

Harry Potter? Isn’t that just a kid’s book?
She assured me that it was definitely a pleasure book for adults, too. We talked about the Christian Right nutjobs who were up in arms about witchcraft (but it’s a great story about love and evil) and how Hermione should be the heroine of the book. Truthfully, no one here in the US could pronounce Hermione, never mind that it’s a 3 syllable name, not 2 (that’s my marketing geek showing up) or that she had more lines than the two guys combined and that she was definitely the smartest witch in her class. And, no, that’s not a euphemism.

If you want to read a great article on The Women in Harry Potter Universe, it discusses the world of all the women surrounding and supporting Hermione’s feminists inclinations.

I’m Head Over Broomsticks Now
I remember twisting Andrew’s arm to buy me the UK version of the set just because it began with ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ vs ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone.’ I enjoyed reading/watching the magic that unfolded before my eyes as Rowling revealed her own imagination. Secretly, I wished it was mine. No matter. I got caught up in touching bricks with umbrellas, clocks with faces and hands and locations for time. Now I’m trying to figure out how to have pots scrub themselves and potty boxes scoop themselves on a timely basis. Is that so much to ask? It was as though Rowling had connected the dots to everything I conjured up in my own head about witches and their communities. If I were invited to run off to Hogwarts, I couldn’t say no. The trouble would be which kitty I would take along as my choice…

The Epic Ending
Alas, current day brings us to quickly buying tix to see the final installment of Deathly Hallows at the Raleigh IMAX theater. A couple of dorks (that would be us) naturally had to round up friends to go see 3D sparks fly from the ends of wands. Between turning magick tricks herself, Amy and Phil, yes those FoBot people, agreed to join us. They didn’t, however, realize what they had signed up for. Mwaaaahahahahaha!

Earlier that day (of the movie) I call Amy and ask her what her favorite color is from JCPenny. “Plaid.” Yah, thanks Amy, that was helpful! I tell her that she must participate in a little experiment because going to see this movie as adults isn’t geeky enough. I just know I’m going to pay for this later.

You know what they say about idle hands… Andrew and I got out a pack of old t-shirt transfers for dark colors and we go to work in our shop applying a fun design inspired by horcruxes. Because we all know making horcruxes is fun but only at the merci of someone else’s peril, this reminder is paramount to any artist’s “lifestyle.”

See? Aren’t we just the geeks meow?

While these t-shirts aren’t for sale (yet), I did decide to create a few bonus pieces for you.

Fine Art for Your Studio
I’ve always loved calligraphic banners and scrolls found in gothic design, I decided to have a bit of fun with it this week. Make Art Not Horcruxes is a vintage fun reminder to make the right choice between light & dark and to make something worthy with your hands. A great studio motto, if I do say so!

If you’re as wild about Harry as we are, feel free to drop by and pick up your own Fine Art Print and Art Card…

…there are a few magical bonuses included!!

Look! The Bonuses!!

Mobilize your motto. When you purchase a Fine Art Print, you get wallpaper for your computer, iPad, and mobile phone. How cool is that?

Can I just say that I love how the brits say, “That’s bloody disgusting” in their cockney accent?! Cracks me up everytime! Hint, Deathly Hallows Part 1: Ron looks over the toilet stall at Harry and states, “We flush ourselves in! That’s bloody disgusting!”

What do you think? Could you use a reminder?

Thanks so much for reading!
Lisa, Your CREATIVEGoddess