IF: Leap

My submission for Illustration Friday: Leap

“Jumper” being a synonym for leap, I thought that that this former piece of mine would fit the theme.

IF: Excess

Excess: Cats are always eating to excess if you let them.

Forgive me, this is a piece called ‘DinnerTime’ that I did 2 years ago and in my household, this easily represents ‘Excess.’

This print is available through CalligraphyPets.com.

IF: The Blues

My submission for Illustration Friday: The Blues.

I love jazz and the blues; BBKing’s quote fits perfectly into my comp. Plus, I’ve got the blues because I haven’t played my trumpet in a while -I’m itching to find some down time to practice. I’d really like to join a jazz band in this lifetime.

Watercolor & Ink
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IF: Visitor

My submission for Illustration Friday: Visitor

“Welcome” extends to visitors, friends, confidants, and family alike.

“Welcome” is part of a brand new show that I’m hosting locally called “Aspirations.” There are only 11 pieces that have been mounted on floating framed (built by Andrew) that will be available exclusively to Mewsmembers tomorrow.

If you want to become a Mewsmember, you might want to head here now to gain access.

Thanks for “Visiting!”