How to Eliminate the ‘Uncategorized’ category

I’ve just written a new post on INDIECreatives about the that pesky Uncategorized category I see on fellow WordPress Web sites.

If you use WordPress as your Web site base (and congratulations, by the way), take another look at your line up to see if you spy ‘Uncategorized’ lurking about. WordPress creates this as a sample category for new users and from what I observe, many folks are using this as a crutch rather than renaming or eliminating it altogether.

It’s a great tool, so don’t be a tool by dumping your articles there if you can’t think of anything better. Find another category to use as your crutch because it’s SEO friendly. 😉

Thanks so much for reading.

Studio News: Luxe Paisley Accessories

Throw away those lifeless totes and dull mobile phone cases… Straight from our workshop to your hand are Paisley accessories!!
Paisley Collection

ECStewart Collections expands the famous paisley series into Luxe accessories. Totes, mobile phone cases, and journal covers,leather and suede supple Luxe elements will will definitely set you apart from the crowd.

Will be available in multiple color ways. Hint: Wine, Blueberry, & Chocolate!
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Field Trip: Shopping for Leather

Who likes to go shopping? Better question, who doesn’t like to go shopping?

andrew+holding Our leather totes have hit a popularity stage that keeps us in the workshop. Yay! So, Andrew suggested on a Friday night that we get our carcasses out of bed to take an hour drive to Ramseur to go shopping for new leather and suede.

This is a video of where we shop and our process for selecting leather and suede for our products.

Now that you’ve seen the myriad of colors available, let us know your preference. While we can’t get the specific blue that you adore, we can come close. As tastemasters, allow us to create the products highlighting your personal taste.

Lisa, CREATIVEGoddess

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Studio News: Free eGreetings!!

You don’t have to send out corny greetings any longer! ECStewart eGreetings postcard app on Facebook has been revitalized!

The ECStewart eGreetings full occasions line begins with spring blossoms I have photographed the past few seasons. My love of macro photography, the beauty of crisp, new flowers coupled with my quintessential calligraphic flourishes, this growing garden of collectible postcards are yours for the picking!


Since you know you’re on Facebook anyway, you might as well make the most of it and impress your friends with one of our elegant cards. Splashed on their wall with a burst of color, these cards show your friends that you care enough -even in the nick-of-time- and I won’t tell!

The bouquet begins with Happy Birthday, Congrats, You Rock, Thank You, and more. Choose any of these elegant images for you mom, dad, sib, colleague, friend, or even an acquaintance!

Plus, they’re free! Who doesn’t love that in this economy?

ecs-fb-pc Make someone’s day special, send your
ECStewart eGreetings today.

Only on Facebook.

Spring Flower Art Show: Now on Your iPhone

When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment. G. O’Keefe.
Through a virtual spring flower art show, I wanted to add a few more moments to your life. Photos I’ve taken over the past few Spring Seasons and coupled with my calligraphic touches, blossoms are now available for your iPhone/iTouch wallpaper.

Pick your own blooms now.

Would you like computer wallpaper or an art print with that?

Bull & Bear Contest Results + Tax Day Sale

I’m getting behind on my work this week and just wanted to peak out of my workload to say hey. Hey!

Bull & Bear Contest Results
I know that you’ve been waiting on the results of the Bull & Bear contest and here they are!

WallStreet Icons: Bull & Bear Between Bull 1 and Bull 2
100% of you voted for Bull 1
Between Bear 1 and Bear 2
86% of you voted for Bear 2

Almost a landslide, don’tcha know? Honestly, those 2 were my favorites as well, I just wanted to get your opinions, too.

Now available for sale in CalligraphyPets store.

For those who left comments, you are rewarded
50% off the signed unframed prints, and
30% off the signed framed prints.

Let me know at the time of check out and I will refund the appropriate amounts.

Also celebrating National Tax Day: A Sale 15%.
Use Code: taxday09 at check-out within the CalligraphyPets Tax Sale -Tax Day only.
Please refrain from including originals in your purchase, or I will have refund your purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

Creative Outlet: Ceramic Class – Vases!


ClayPlay: Crafting Elements for the Female Vessel

In this class, we had fun building vases tonight. Using a drop-technique, we first layed out elements on newspaper, topped them with a slab, then dropped the combination on the floor. Yes, you read correctly: We dropped our masterpieces on the floor! It was such an exhilarating exercise. Much like watercolor, one cannot determine where the pieces will embed, you just have to trust the muse to place it effectively.

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