Studio News: Mankolam Paisley Necklines

Lively and Lucky
You can now adorn your 2010 style with ECStewart’s Paisley necklines.

Have you ever been mesmerized by looking through a magnifying glass? The details of wonder come alive for only a moment and the ethereal magic lasts just seconds. Imagine taking that magic moment with you. These magic moments are captured as elegant archival art prints supported by a hint of Lisa’s Mankolam Paisley, set in a sterling silver bezel and sealed with resin that both enhances and magnifies the elegant image.

Ideal for free spirits.
Mankolam Paisley Necklines

If you’re looking to develop your unique style and to purchase a bit of magic, please visit Mankolam Paisley Necklines to view our full line of paisley infused wearable fine art.

With this, it is my hope that you will consider including ECStewart Collections & CalligraphyPets in your life.

PS. Through the end of January, we’re donating 10% of online sales proceeds to Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund from new Web site!

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4 thoughts on “Studio News: Mankolam Paisley Necklines

  1. MADAM says:

    Two questions – how much are you charging for these absolutely charming necklace pendant, and can you translate the maple leaf onto a similar necklace??? I think I know who would buy at least one.


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